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I am a student in the life-long study of the Yin/Yan of the Tao (The way), a warrior in the fight to regain control over our own health, a promoter of peace by example.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Three crazy Taoists laugh so hard
They fall down on their backs.
"Why" you ask.
"Don't you know laughter is the best medicine for old age?" as they point to the moon.

Laughter can ignite the spontaneous healing energy and forces within us, for when we laugh, all the internal diaphragms: pelvic, respiratory, vocal and cerebral - are pumping. This also occur with crying but laughing is more popular. In both cases, the release of positive as well as negative emotions is extremely healthy for the body. So place your hands on your knees, inhale, and go "Ho, ho, ho". Just laugh like an idiot and don't worry about how you look. Laugh for one minute every day.


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