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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


You've always heard, too much of any one thing is bad. It's true. In your life, there is a balance of Yin and Yan. If there is too much Yin (the cool, shadow side) or too much Yan (hot, sunny side) an imbalance will occur and you may be sick. What is considered Yin and Yan? Well, that is a subject that is very complex and long-winded. In this blog, I will slowly explain that as the days goes on.

For simplicity, many
vegetarians are Yin because they don't eat meat which is a Yan food. To balance this condition, they will need to consume more protein. Now, on the other hand, carb conscious eaters (which I am one), tends to have too much Yan because they eat a lot of meat. To balance this food imbalance, they must eat more vegetables.

Of course, there are so much more to Yin and Yan than what I've just mentioned but this very simple and brief way can allow most people to understand Yin and Yan. And this: in life, there is a balance, a harmony that must exist. Trouble will come when there is too much of one or the other. Just like over -indulgence, -stress, -work, -play, etc. Work on maintaining that balance.

Take the first step. Do it daily and make it part of your life's goal. It will prolong your life and make it more rich in content. The world will be a better place if more people will do it.


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