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The Yin/Yan of Yee Chuan Tao

One person's journey of the walk in the Yin/Yan of Yee Chuan Tao Kung Fu

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Name:Sifu Chee
Location:Kona, Hawaii, United States

I am a student in the life-long study of the Yin/Yan of the Tao (The way), a warrior in the fight to regain control over our own health, a promoter of peace by example.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Year of the Dog Demo (continued) Kona, Hawaii

Grandmaster (Sigong) Michael Vendrell - Cane form
Sifu Chee - (Classical fan) Fighting Fan
Dog Form (Yee Chuan Tao) Grandmaster Michael Vendrell Posted by Picasa


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