Sifu Larry Verble holds a Black Belt since 1985 in Ryukyu Kempo certified by 8th Dan, Phil Hower (Master Oyata) from Amarillo, Texas. He is a 30 year martial arts veteran skilled in (among other arts):

  • Tae Kwon Do from Harley (from Bill Wallace's 1970 fighting team) in Clovis, New Mexio
  • Shaolin Koo Fa from Chic O'Farrell (from Shaolin Temple, Northern California) in Eastern New Mexico University

Sifu Verble was owner and operator of Dragon's Lair Self-Defense School in Amarillo, Texas (1991-2001) and was a member of USKA (1995-1998). In 1996, he was the USKA New Mexico State Champion holding 1st Place in Sparring and Soft Style Form. From 1980-1996, he competed in and served in judging panels for numerous State, National and International Karate Tournaments.

Larry Verble is currently in Kona Hawaii as an Instructor for Yee Chuan Kung Fu and in Kealakehe High School, also studying with and finally certified as Sifu in October 2005 by Grandmaster Michael Vendrell and Grandmaster Rob Moses. Sifu Larry is currently a board certified Educator serving at Kealakehe High School, Kona, Hawaii.

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